In the middle of Hamburg. Right at the waterfront.
At Rödingsmarkt. In the Mediafleet building.

Here is where we are located. Here is where our ideas come to life.

Our core team

Oliver Staudenmayer

Managing director Design

Oliver Mühling

Managing director Design

Wolfgang Raike

Managing director

Alexander Schwertner

Managing director

Tobias Rojo


Anne Schmidt

Project management

Simon Huang


Almuth Stammen

Text and concept

Birte Blömers

Project management

Maik Bohne

Text and concept

Our network

Telse Prahl


Oliver Pfaff


Jim Mathes

Motion Design

Oliver Thomas

3D Branding

Frank Schüßler


Paul Alexander Beck


We are a company of




We always have the possibility to adapt our competence and our team size to the projects. RAIKESCHWERTNER are professionals in industry-specific communication and consulting for complex topics and projects.
The "Gesprächspartner" are our competent partners in dialogue, stakeholder management and moderation.
We work with both in the same house and desk by desk.
A great thing as we find.



Our group